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Household Products 

Maintaining a home can be challenging without your household essentials. This is why Pricewise offers the supplies you need to complete everyday tasks at home.
From easy-to-use house cleaning supplies to everyday essentials, we’ve got all areas of your home covered! Our range includes products that help you preserve a safe and relaxing environment for all members of your household—including batteries for your devices, facial tissues for your vanity, drain cleaners for your sink, or heavy-duty bleaching products for your floors. You need it? We’ve got it!
Get all the help that you need to keep your homes safe, clean, and cosy. You can count on us to stock everyday household supplies at affordable prices to make home upkeep easy and stress-free. We offer free shipping on your online orders above $50 – another task you can check off from your to-do list. What are you waiting for? Order online today!


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