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Shop Toiletries – Bath, Shower & Personal Hygiene Products | Pricewise

Maintaining good hygiene is more than just about looking good. Practising healthy habits with the right personal hygiene products can make you feel better on the outside as well as the inside! Here at Pricewise, we have what you need to make sure the whole family stays fresh and clean all day, every day! From oral products that keep your teeth and gums healthy, bath and shower products that keep you smelling fresh, down to hand sanitisers that ward of viruses and feminine hygiene products that keep you extra protected, you bet we have them! We also stock travel-sized products and travel toiletries, perfect for your checked bag so you can check them off your packing list.

Buy your favourite personal care items at Pricewise online for a hassle-free shopping experience! We make sure our range of toiletry products come with affordable price tags so you can easily buy them in bulk. Always have your home or travel toiletries in full stock at home or in your purse while you’re on the go! We offer free delivery on orders above $50. Order online at Pricewise today!


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