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Power Pod - Android

Power Pod is the small, yet powerful, emergency charger, that will charge your device on the spot, no matter where you are! Power Pods’ built-in Micro High Velocity Charger delivers instant power and works with your Android™ and Apple® devices. There are no cables - just plug it directly into your device. Plus, Power Pod is rechargeable, so you can use it over & over again. It’s so light & compact, that it easily fits on your key ring or in your pocket. Now you can take Power Pod with you everywhere and have instant charge when you need it!

  • Instant charge when you need it!
  • Built-in Micro High Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours
  • USB Rechargeable - use it over & over again
  • Compact, lightweight, portable design
  • No cables or messy cords – plugs directly into your device
  • Small enough to fit on a key ring, in your pocket, or purse
  • Durable rubberised cover
  • Never be stuck with a dead device again!

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